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Juergen Bamberger's Headshot Juergen Bamberger, Gyrotonic® Master Teacher with an international reputation has been teaching all aspects of Gyrotonic® full time for more than a decade. He was one of the first Master Teachers designated by Juliu Horvath. Juergen was a staff member at the original White Cloud Studio NYC, where he participated in the evolution of Gyrotonic® from 1991-99. He worked for several years in clinics in Germany and NYC, breaking ground for the application of Gyrotonic® to Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. With his teaching experience that exceeds 12,000 hours, his expertise and unique approach, he is one of the most sought after educators in his field today.

Based in New York City, he is conducting teacher trainings for the Gyrotonic Expansion System® and in Gyrokinesis® throughout the USA and worldwide with regular trainings in New York City, California, Austin, TX and Chicago, IL. Since 1994 has trained more than 150 Gyrotonic® Instructors worldwide, of whom some became Master Teachers themselves.

Prior to teaching Gyrotonic®, Juergen was a professional dancer with a B.A. in Dance Education from the Rotterdamse Dansakademie/ NL. He performed in the Netherlands and New York City working with choreographers/ directors like Robert Wilson, Jennifer Muller, Ping Chong, Maureen Fleming and others.

Since the early 80's he has been studying a wide variety of body work and somatic therapies. In-depth studies include Bartenieff Fundamentals(TM) and the Alexander Technique(TM). Juergen had a Massage Practice in NYC till 1997. He is certified in Natural Vision Improvement (Bates), FAC(TM) =Flow, Alignment and Connection(TM) and PACE(TM) =Physical, Atomic and Cellular Evolution(TM) (Energy Work by Amy Skezas and Athabascar).

Anatomy studies with: Irene Dowd, Michael Morrison (Rolfing), Richard Klein D.C.

Juergen is fluent in English, German and Dutch.

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