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GYROKINESIS® is the core of the "Juliu Horvath Method(TM)". Its Level I is also known as "The Essentials of Body Kinetics(TM)". It incorporates many key principles of yoga,dance, gymnastics and tai-chi.

This methodology works the joints and muscles of the entire body in a gentle yet invigorating way. Through rhythmic, spiraling, and undulating movements the spine is set in motion. It sends waves of circulation through the inner organs and all other tissues of the body, oxygenating the blood and stimulating the nervous system.

Seven essential spinal movements are the basis for all joint articulations: bending forward / extending backward, side bending right / left, rotating right / left and circular movements. Synchronizing these movements with corresponding breathing patterns adds to the deep stimulation of the vital forces inside the body. It organizes the movements into a harmonious flow similar to dance. The body and mind are re-educated to move with fluidity, relaxation, elegance and power. As a result the entire organism is strengthened which leads to improved health and vitality.

GYROKINESIS® is a complete movement system that can be applied to a great variety of situations, since no exercise equipment is needed. The potential work fields are fitness clubs, spas, yoga centers, physical therapy, personal training and corporate fitness. Gyrokinesis® can be taught in any setting from large size classes to one-on-one sessions. Furthermore it is an ideal format for a personal work-out routine that can be enjoyed in any kind of environment.

In an ever growing wellness and fitness industry Gyrokinesis® has the great potential to be the next "wave" of exercising because it is a more intelligent, health promoting and natural way of working out. At the same time its suited for every body type and every level of fitness. Gyrokinesis® is accessible for every age group and people from all walks of life.

Gyrokinesis® is an additional teaching tool for any certified Gyrotonic® instructor to accommodate clients who are not ready to use the Gyrotonic® equipment or who have special needs because of injuries, etc.

Gyrokinesis® was invented and developed by Juliu Horvath in search of healing his own injuries. He is a former dancer and gymnast who grew up in Rumania and defected to the US in the late sixties to continue his career as a dancer. Juliu came to his conclusions and insights in the human body through an intense period of yoga practice, self observation, experimentation with his body and the study of nature. This process led to his own form of Yoga which formed the basis for Gyrokinesis® and the Gyrotonic Expansion System®.

GYROKINESIS® Level I Teacher Training curriculum content:
The Gyrokinesis® Level I certification program consists of 4 steps:

1. Gyrokinesis® Level I Pre-Training

This is a pre-requisite for the Level I Teacher Training and it consists of a minimum of 20 hours of Gyrokinesis®, if possible in the form of 2 hour classes (=10 classes). Classes can be taken at facilities offering Gyrokinesis® classes. The Pre-Training can also be taught in the form of an intensive workshop that consists of 20 hours of Gyrokinesis® (for example a 5 day workshop with a 2 hour class each day) prices vary between studios.

2. Gyrokinesis® Level I Teacher Training.

This course introduces teaching techniques and principal underlying the exercises of the Gyrokinesis Level I curriculum. It is being offered in a 9 day intensive workshop. which includes a two hour Gyrokinesis® class each day. After a break, a two hour segment of dissection and exploration of the exercises of the Level I curriculum will follow. The participants will teach each other in small groups, applying the new information. The course concludes with the participants teaching a 2 hour Gyrokinesis® class. A certificate of apprenticeship, signed by Juliu Horvath, will be issued upon completion of the course, enabling the students to teach Gyrokinesis® Level I classes. The standard base rate is $750 plus studio rental and travel costs. Therefore the tuition varies.

3. Gyrokinesis® Level I Apprenticeship Period:

The apprenticeship period is a minimum 3 months and a maximum of 12 months. Within this period a minimum of 24 Gyrokinesis hours have to be taught. Only then can the student participate in a two day Certification exam with Juliu.

4. Gyrokinesis® Level I Certification Exam:

this exam is a 2 day workshop taught only by Juliu Horvath. The exam can be taken after a minimum of 3 months after having completed the Level I Teacher Training. It must be taken after a maximum of 12 months after having completed the Level I Training, otherwise the Training has to be re-taken. Standard base rate: $ 275 plus rental costs and travel expenses

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