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Juergen Bamberger  Juergen on a rock at the Grand Canyon

WELCOME to the website of GYROTONIC® Master Teacher JUERGEN BAMBERGER, a leading educator in the GYROTONIC EXPANSION SYSTEM® and GYROKINESIS®.

Juergen offers the highest quality of teaching, based on more than 11 years of full time teaching experience in all aspects of Gyrotonic® and a background of more than twenty years in the fields of movement, body work and wellness. In his teacher trainings he communicates the essence of Gyrotonic® as developed by Juliu Horvath. Juergen's professional trainings include depth of understanding, clarity of form and concept combined with a sense of humor.

Juergen is based in New York City where he conducts teacher trainings in Gyrokinesis® and the Gyrotonic Expansion System® at the Kane School of Core Integration, Yogamoves and The Movement Salon. He travels extensively to bring Gyrotonic® to new locations including Chicago, IL, Austin, TX, Minneapolis, MN, establishing ongoing teacher trainings in these areas (see schedule). He also teaches on a regular basis in California, in Los Angeles, El Segundo, Long Beach, Costa Mesa and San Francisco.

Juergen is devoting his professional life to Gyrotonic®, since he believes it is the most progressive and advanced exercise system available today. It is unique in its possibilities to open up the physical structure in a gentle and pleasurable way, while simultaneously strengthening and invigorating the entire organism. It may liberate some psycho-energetic aspects of the human being as well. Therefore it is a tool for human evolution. As it raises self-awareness, it promotes sensuality, playfulness, physical ease, comfort and a reconnection to nature. Juergen is committed to making Gyrotonic® widely spread throughout the world, as it improves the quality of life of everyone who is moved by it.

Use this website to stay updated with Juergen's teaching schedule, to purchase Gyrotonic® equipment and to see what's new in the Gyrotonic® curriculum. To learn more about Gyrotonic® and Gyrokinesis® go to the Teacher Training page.

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